Gowdham and His Friends Trip to Andaman

It is not where you go on a holiday, it is who you go on a holiday with.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S are an inseparable part of our lives. They are the reason for all the epic adventures and undeniable disasters.

Gowdham – an ardent traveller always look for thrilling experiences in life. He has a group of friends who says yes for every stimulating activity out there. He shared his momentous friends trip to Andaman with Dekho Andaman here.

A little sneak-peek of our holiday:

Classification: Friends Trip

Duration: 3 Nights/ 4Days

Number of persons: 9

Inclusions: Pick up and drop from Airport, food, cab for sightseeing, taxes such as GST and many others

Exclusions: Room Services, Laundry, Telephone charges, other recreational activity tickets

So, here you go:

Day – 1:

We have reached the Port Blair airport early in the morning and Mr. Sameer – a travel representative by Dekho Andaman was already waiting for us. Thanks to their quality of being on time, after a long flight, we did not need to wait. He helped us to move to the hotel. After a round of delicious breakfast, we were headed to Chatham Saw Mill. Although the Mill hardly functions now the old machinery has caught our attention. We got to know that it is Asia’s biggest and oldest mill built by the British on this island. Next, we moved to the Samudrika Naval Marine Museum which runs by the Indian Navy. It is indeed spectacular with a wide collection of corals and fishes. Since we all adore marine life, getting to know the details about creatures has been good.

Finally, the most exciting locale for the day – Corbyn’s Cove beach. With pleasant blue waters and lush green palms, this beach is one kind of refreshing places on the planet. Few of us have enjoyed swimming amidst the serene ambiance. which is worth memorable.

friends trip to andaman
friends trip to andaman

Day – 2: We have made sure our Andaman Tour Package must contain Ross Island since we have read a lot about it on the internet. And trust me, it is worth visiting. Ross Island is full of old trees and historical monuments. Although the journey was a little bumpy because of the hilly landscape, we were actually amazed by its panoramic view and history behind it. You cannot help admiring their sense of planning and the light & sound show over there is one of the best.

friends trip to andaman
friends trip to andaman

Next comes the ultimate experience of our lives – Scuba Diving at North Bay! They have provided all the necessary equipment and a lifeguard needed to dive into the bluish paradise filled with rich beautiful coral reefs and a huge number of fishes. If you are someone seeking a break from your monotonous life, scuba diving could be your medicament. It is such an experience that leaves you in peace. You must try it! Even while writing this for Dekho Andaman, I could still feel that underwater experience in the coral island.

friends trip to andaman
friends trip to andaman

Day – 3: If you want to experience Andamans, along with the must-visit places, you should also go for a sight-seeing. All of us have had a nice time around the city where we just hung out, relax, and shared lots of other things. After a light lunch, we have paced towards our next adventure. Upon the witness of breath-taking Chidyatapu sunset, we have started our trekking to the top of Munda Pahad. Most of our batch long for the adrenaline rush you get with an exciting experience. So, we have decided to strike off trekking from our bucket list. In the middle of an abundant forest and endemic flora & fauna, our trekking has given us a rewarding experience.

friends trip to andaman
friends trip to andaman

Day – 4: Before we realize, it was time to bid good-bye to this magnificent yet natural land on the earth. After a little sightseeing and shopping, we have packed our bags with stuff and hearts with lots of memories.

We are extremely thankful for Dekho Andaman for providing us the customized Andaman Tour Package as mentioned.

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